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Her Royal Majesty's Chocolatada

Come join Her Royal Majesty, Queen Isabel for a delicious and amazing Spanish drink.

Refreshments such as fruit and pastries will also be served during this hour long event, while some of the village's best entertainers come to bring joy and merriment. Tea can be provided if you prefer that to the Chocolatada. Seating is limited and tickets sell fast.


Purchase Chocolatada Tickets

You may purchase tickets online up until the day before the event or at the Queen's Court on the day of the event from 10 am until 12:30 pm.  Please arrive at the Queen's Court no later than 12:50 pm to be seated. Sorry, but there are no late arrivals.

What is a Chocolatada?

Only found in Spain during the 1500's, chocolatada is a thick Spanish drink often served hot, that is made with melted chocolate, nutmeg, cinnamon and other spices.  It is not served as thick as it originally was served as we serve ours over ice, which cools it down for the warm afternoon.  This drink does have milk, soy and small amounts of tree nut in it.

Meet Her Royal Majesty,

Queen Isabel

About Her Royal Majesty, Queen Isabel & Her 'Village of Mistfits'

Nestled in a small forest village in 1568 during the Golden Days of Spain, Queen Isabel (Elisabeth in France) protected some of the people that would have been taken by the Catholic Church's Inquisition.  While she was devoted to her faith, she deeply disliked the Inquisition and did not want to be at the viewings that the church urged her and King Philip II to attend.  This hidden little village, giving refuge, became lovingly known as the Queen's 'Village of Misfits' and harbored all types of people from various places who happened to have the unfortunate and dubious honor of escaping the Inquisition.

Her Royal Majesty in Progress
Her Majesty and Royal Court

Welcome to the Queen's Court!

Her Royal Majesty, Isabel (Elisabeth in France) and her court, invite you to join them for a day of festivities.



9:45 - 10:00 - Meet the Queen prior to the gates opening


10:00 - Progress and Opening Parade


11:00 - Children's Honors Ceremony

Become a prince or princess for the day at Children's Court. Come decorate your crown and then meet the Queen, where you will be pronounced a prince or princess for the day and have an opportunity to pose with Her Majesty for your portrait. Limited to 25 children per day. 

11:00 am - 11:45 am to decorate.  Last meeting with the queen is at noon.


12:00 - Repast (lunch)


12:30 - Open Court


1:00 - Queen's Chocolatada


2:30 - Games with the Queen

A chance to play a game with the Queen.  All the village is invited.


3:30 - Honoring our Heroes

Her Royal Majesty pays tribute to all active military, veterans, reserve, police, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, first responders and their immediate families. 


4:00 - Queen's Joust

The Queen, her court and her special guests attend the joust on the Queen's Dais.


5:00 - Progress about the village visiting shops and guilds


5:45 - Closing parade




Interested in becoming a part of the court, household, guard or something else at faire?  Send an email to or if you would like information otherwise, please send an email to

About The Queen
Queen's Schedule

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